How We Drive Industry Impact

The CIC plays an active and committed role in developing talent in the construction industry. As the CIC continues to invest in and capitalise on innovative technologies, we need to pair technology with talent in order to accelerate the growth and sustainable development of the construction industry. The Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) provides the training and development needed for enhancing the technical knowledge and professionalism of the industry. The CIC also provides trade testing services and various schemes to bridge the talent pipeline between practitioners and construction companies and create employment opportunities for construction workers.

1. Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC)

The HKIC is a key training ground to nurture an accomplished construction workforce with sound professional skills, theoretical knowledge, safety awareness, innovative ideas, passion and pride for the sustainable growth of the construction industry in Hong Kong.

2. Hong Kong Construction Industry Trade Testing Centre (HKCITTC)

The CIC established the HKCITTC with the purpose of improving the standard and competency level of workers in the construction industry. Currently, there are testing services for over 150 trades in four categories:

3. Training Programme

In order to sustain a technical workforce for the construction industry, the CIC has launched the CIC Approved Technical Talents Training Programme (CICATP) in 2019 which combines on-the-job training provided by employers, and skill assessments and enhancement training provided by HKIC. It encompasses topics of construction safety, soft skills, innovation and technology, inheriting skills and capabilities of the construction industry.

The Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme (RSTCS) was established in 2019 and aims to build up a pool of professional and committed trade contractors with specialised skills through recognised registration system for development of the construction industry.

The CIC also implemented the Intermediate Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme (ITCTS) to train new tradesman to alleviate labour shortage in the construction industry. The ITCTS adopts a “First-hire then-train” approach that provides training subsidies and employment opportunities for workers.

How We Manage Our Operation

Our approach to human resources management is to attract, engage and retain suitable talents with appropriate competencies in order to drive excellence for the construction industry. Through training and development, the CIC nurtures a well-trained and highly motivated workforce which performs the statutory duties of the CIC to the highest possible standard.

1. Talent Management and Engagement

The CIC adopts an open recruitment policy using a consistent hiring process to seek for the best candidate with prominent experiences, knowledge, skills and professional qualifications. To ensure that the CIC has a capable workforce with a right mix of talent, we have a robust talent management review system for our existing staff. It sets out the core competencies of our management, teaching and supporting staff to align with the latest development trends of the construction industry and the CIC.

To strengthen the corporate core values of “Caring, Integrated, Committed”, we conduct team building and corporate culture building workshops on a regular basis. We also establish Culture Champions to engage our employee in our on-boarding programme and staff relations activities, building a sense of belonging and cohesiveness.

2. Training and Development

The CIC has a comprehensive training and development programme for our staff, advancing their knowledge and skillsets at different stages of their career at the CIC. A Staff Development Scheme is also in place to subsidise and broaden training and development opportunities for our staff.

Our Commitment

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