How We Drive Industry Impact

The CIC plays a crucial role in decarbonising the construction industry for the sustainable development of Hong Kong. In response to the Paris Agreement, Hong Kong will strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050. Under this context, the CIC has established the Sustainable Construction Roadmap that will drive progress towards achieving the targeted carbon emission reduction for the built environment.

The CIC has been constantly updating its progress on implementing the Sustainable Construction Roadmap. For the latest initiatives and targets set for the Sustainable Construction Roadmap, click here.

1. CIC Sustainable Construction Roadmap

2. CIC – Zero Carbon Park (CIC-ZCP)

CIC-ZCP is a platform for exhibition, education and information for zero/low carbon building design and technologies, as well as promotional ground for low-carbon living in Hong Kong. The CIC-ZCP is constantly evolving – it showcases the latest building technologies and practices with industry practitioners and organises activities and guided tours to promote environmental sustainability as well as innovations.

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How We Manage Our Operation

The CIC is committed to optimising our use of resources in operations and minimising our impact on the environment. Our headquarters achieved a BEAM Plus Interior Platinum rating, enabling green operation with environmentally friendly designs and smart control. Each department is responsible for setting annual targets in improving energy efficiency, conserving resources and reducing waste in operations. To streamline the process of recording our environmental performance, a sustainability data online portal has been established and integrated in the existing corporate-wide Estates Office Management System (EOMS) to record and evaluate environmental performance. *

*Remarks: The policies of carbon emissions and energy, material use and waste management have been outlined in the Environmental and Sustainability Charter. This year, the SWG is in the process of revamping the Environmental and Sustainability Charter to a Sustainability Policy which will be disclosed in the next Sustainability Report. In addition, the CIC is in the progress of collecting baseline performance data for target setting by 2022

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