The mission of the CIC is to strengthen the sustainability of the construction industry in Hong Kong by providing a communications platform, striving for continuous improvement, increasing awareness of health and safety, as well as improving skills development. In order to achieve this mission, the CIC is committed to cultivating a corporate culture of sustainability in our operations such that we can contribute to sustainable development of our stakeholders and future generations.

Sustainability Framework

The CIC's sustainability framework is divided into four strategic pillars: Resources, Talent, Intelligence and Culture. Each pillar consists of an internal aspect on how we strive to integrate sustainability elements in our operations, and an external aspect on how we provide resources and advocacy work, as well as collaborate with our construction stakeholders to drive sustainable development.

Sustainability Governance

The CIC has established a cross-departmental Sustainability Working Group (SWG) to drive the sustainability strategy of the CIC in a proactive manner. Working collaboratively, each department is encouraged to develop its own sustainability initiatives which will be reviewed annually. The SWG meets once every six months.

The main responsibilities of the SWG include:
  • Develop and oversee the sustainability strategy
  • Establish roadmap(s) to formulate and implement the sustainability initiatives in the CIC
  • Review and continuously improve the performance of sustainability initiatives
  • Disseminate the sustainability strategy to stakeholders
The CIC is committed to promoting sustainable development in our operation and the construction industry, with an Environmental and Sustainability Charter outlining our approaches and focus areas to sustainability.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is vital in formulating forward-looking strategies and driving effective impact for the entire construction industry. The CIC has an important role to act as a three-way communication platform among the Greater Bay Area, the HKSAR Government and stakeholders in the construction industry, the CIC strives to capture views of our stakeholders so that we can appropriately address their needs and convey our advices to the HKSAR Government on the related matters.

Materiality Assessment

In order to prioritise sustainability issues relevant to the CIC, we conducted a materiality assessment through a series of engagement exercises, surveys and in-depth interviews with internal and external stakeholders in 2020. We also conducted focus group meetings with the SWG members to discuss their perceptions and suggestions on the CIC’s sustainability performance and future strategy.

From these stakeholder engagement exercises, we have identified 20 relevant sustainability issues and listed them out in order of importance. The x-axis of the materiality matrix is defined by the importance to construction industry which reflects how each topic may impact the continuity and development of the construction industry, while the y-axis is defined by the importance to stakeholders which reflects how each topic may impact the stakeholders of the CIC.

There are 11 material topics which will form the focus of this sustainability report, including the 10 prioritised issues identified in the material assessment as well as the issue of the community investment.*

*Remarks: The CIC has been fostering a caring culture in the construction industry and endeavouring to create positive impacts on communities, thus, this report includes community investment as one of the material issues.
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