How We Drive Industry Impact

To raise the cohesion within the industry, CIC promotes safety and caring cultures among industry practitioners. We enhance their well-being, bring social harmony as well as develop positive perceptions of the industry among young people and the general public.

1. Promoting a Safety Culture


2. Fostering a Caring Culture - Construction Industry Sports & Volunteering Programme (CISVP)

With the mission of bringing unity to the construction industry, the CIC leverages our presence in the industry and actively encourage our industry practitioners to contribute to the community. Established in 2016, the CISVP aims at fostering a healthy lifestyle and promoting a caring culture among construction practitioners. Besides individual membership, CISVP has invited developers, contractors, subcontractors, professional bodies, consulting firms and government departments to be our corporate members, mobilising practitioners from different sectors to participate in sports and volunteering activities while fulfilling their social responsibility.

How We Manage Our Operation

The CIC strives to instil a culture of sustainability in our workplace and the entire construction industry in Hong Kong. Our utmost priority is to ensure the safety and health of our employees and promote safety awareness across the industry. As a statutory body, we also uphold the highest standard of corporate governance against corruption and foster an ethical culture among our employees and CIC Members.

1. Safety and Health Management System

Providing a safe environment for our employees and every stakeholder using our facilities is of paramount importance to the CIC. Our Safety Committee comprised of key departments monitors the performance and provides training to minimise work related injuries. The committee holds regular meetings to discuss safety issues and take appropriate action as necessary to reduce injuries at work.

2. Measures to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic imposed significant challenges to society and our daily operation. The CIC Operation Taskforce swiftly responded and met regularly to mitigate any disruptions arising from the pandemic. Apart from providing surgical masks, hand sanitizer and other protective gears for front-line staff, the CIC has coordinated a wide range of measures:

  • Partner with EMSD to deploy touchless body temperature checking robot at the entrance of all CIC premises
  • Arrange staggered working hours, flexible lunch hours, mobile work stations as well as allow flexible work arrangement for staff in need to minimise the risk of infection
  • Arrange immediate deep cleaning and sanitisation to premises visited by suspected / confirmed cases visitors
  • Arrange free monthly COVID-19 testing for staff and full-time students as well as additional testing for front-line staff on bi-weekly basis
  • Provide injection time-off and vaccination rest day for engaging staff to receive vaccination

3. Integrity and Anti-corruption

As a statutory body, our corporate culture has been built upon the principles of integrity and professionalism with zero-tolerance of bribery and corruption. To protect public interest, all CIC Members must follow the guideline on conflict of interest to disclosure any potential or real conflicts of interest under Section 4 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap.201).

Our Code of Conduct sets out the standard, policy, and practices with respect to prevention, identification and handling of alleged and proven bribery and corruption within the CIC. Through on-board induction, all new employees are informed about the anti-corruption measures of the CIC. Management staff are also requested to declare their understanding of and compliance with the Code of Conduct on an annual basis. Regularly, we invite the Independent Commission Against Corruption to conduct refresher training, keeping our employees abreast of the latest legislation of anti-corruption.

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